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Wednesday, 26 May 2004 | PR WEB

Big Toe Soccer, a direct marketer of soccer apparel, equipment and footwear based in Madison, Wisconsin, announced the launch of its fundraising division called Big Toe Soccer Fundraising effective May 24, 2004. The division will be operated by, a subsidiary of QSP Reader's Digest in Pleasantville, New York.

"This is a major initiative for our company," says Galen Eckland, General Manager of Big Toe Soccer. "Through several years of serving the soccer market, we have identified that there is a real need for fundraising among our customers and we're proud to now be able to offer it to them"

Eckland adds that " is clearly the leader in the fundraising industry and partnering with them will add significant value to our business and distinguish us among soccer-specialty retailers."

Eric Boyko, President of, explains that the selection of fundraising options is both varied and easy-to-use. "Our programs generate at least 40% profit for groups and some generate as much as 90%. Throughout the entire process we provide continuous support and guidance to assure success. Clients are assigned a specific fundraising consultant to provide continuous support and guidance to ensure success. This proven formula has helped our groups raise over 11 million dollars over the past 10 years."

Eckland anticipates that soccer organizations will use the Big Toe Soccer Fundraising service to purchase expensive equipment like goals, create scholarships, field development or maybe travel abroad for competition. "Whatever our customers choose to do with the money they raise," says Eckland, "we're confident that it's helping to improve the quality of soccer in the U.S. and making it possible for more young people to participate in the sport."

Founded in 1994, Big Toe Soccer serves both large volume purchasers of soccer products such as the soccer club or team market and the individual competitive soccer player. Big Toe Soccer sells nationwide through monthly catalog mailings, an e-commerce web site and a direct sales force, offering a comprehensive selection of the world's leading soccer brands.


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