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American Humane Association
Monday, 20 January 2003

Monigle Associates Develops New Brand Identity for 125-Year-Old Organization

American Humane, the nation's only nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals from abuse, today revealed their new brand identity to the public. The new brand is a result of a pro-bono partnership with Monigle Associates, a leading national branding firm, and marks the second time since 1977 the two organizations have worked together.

Last year, American Humane revised their business plan and decided to change their look to better represent the organization's mission, current programs, staff expertise, and goals. After 25 years of using the shield logo, American Humane determined their current brand didn't clearly reflect the organization's mission to the public and child and animal protection professionals.

"We're changing with the times so we can continue in our leadership efforts to end child and animal abuse everywhere. As a nonprofit, our brand is perhaps our most important asset. It is what connects us emotionally with our constituents and cuts through the clutter so that we are heard," said Bob Roth, American Humane's vice president of public programs and marketing.

American Humane's unique dual mission of protecting both children and animals has presented the organization with numerous challenges in communicating what they do and how they do it. At its core, American Humane is an information and support resource that empowers individuals and professionals to protect children and animals against violence. The organization provides national leadership in the development of programs, policies, and services to assure that the interest and well-being of children and animals are effectively and humanely guaranteed.

"We needed a new design that appeals to all of our audiences. On one hand, we work with people who protect children, and on the other, we work with those who care about animal protection. Our new brand had to creatively unite the two under one organization, one name - American Humane," said Roth.

Monigle Associates created American Humane's new brand identity around the organization's long tradition of empowering change, instilling humane values, and providing leadership. The new design depicts a child's hands coming together to form a shadow of a bird flying upward, which captures the organization's focus on children and animals. The child's playful spirit communicates successful child protection, while the two hands working together represents American Humane's strategic partnerships and offices nationwide.

"As we developed the new brand for American Humane, it was critical to capture the organization's strong history as well as their forward-looking vision," said Rick Jacobs, principal of Monigle Associates. "The new brand is a balanced depiction of both, providing a revamped look for an organization with a steadfast mission. Twenty-five years after creating American Humane's previous brand, we are still proud of our relationship with the organization and hope to remain a partner well into the future."

As the nonprofit sector becomes increasingly crowded, American Humane hopes their new brand identity will help differentiate them from other similarly focused organizations, increase name recognition and awareness, create stronger relationships with public and professional partners, and provide a stronger foundation for their funding programs.

"The strength of American Humane is in our ability to communicate the value of our programs to our constituents under one name and one brand. When people see our name, we want them to know right away that it stands for our strong values -- empowerment, leadership, humaneness, and heritage," said Roth.

Known previously as the American Humane Association with the tagline "Protecting Children and Animals Since 1877," the organization removed the word "Association" from its formal name. They will move forward as "American Humane," with the new tagline "Empowering Action Since 1877." "Association" will remain in the organization's title in written contracts and other legal documents only.

About Monigle Associates

Monigle Associates is a leading corporate identity and branding firm specializing in helping clients build market and brand leadership positions. The company delivers unparalleled brand strategy and positioning, naming conventions, identity and logo design, online brand management tools, environmental design, signage, and implementation services to Fortune 1000 companies.

Founded in 1972, Denver-based Monigle Associates ranks among the largest branding firms in the country with a staff of more than 85 professionals. Over the past 30 years, Monigle Associates has implemented branding and corporate identity solutions for national and international clients, including Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, Avis, Bank of America, Comcast, Freightliner, Johns Manville, Qwest, Rockwell, and the United States Postal Service. For more information, visit

About American Humane

Founded in 1877, American Humane is the only national organization dedicated to both child and animal protection. Headquartered in Denver, with regional offices in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, American Humane provides national leadership in the development of programs and policies, empowering child and animal protection professionals with valuable information and support resources.

For more information, or to contact American Humane Association, see their website at:

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