The Gladney Center featured on Hallmark Channel's "Adoption" Series

Gladney Center for Adoption
Monday, 10 November 2003

On November 16, at 10:00 p.m. CST, Hallmark Channel will air a special episode featuring The Gladney Center's maternity home and two of Gladney's birth mothers, Megan and Candace, making the difficult, yet courageous, decision of adoption. This episode chronicles the pain, anticipation, celebration and ultimate resolve that these two young women experience on their path of adoption. Both Megan and Candace lived in Gladney's beautiful new maternity home, sharing their adoption journey with other women facing the challenge of unplanned pregnancy. The crew captured the birth mothers' emotional meeting with their adoptive parents, the exciting, yet painful birth of the child and the poignant feelings evoked at placement of the child with the adoptive parents.

"Adoption," which airs nationally on Hallmark Channel, has been instrumental in bringing the mission of adoption to the forefront. Hosted by the award winning actress, Jane Seymour, "Adoption" follows the stories of parents-to-be who make the heartwarming preparation to adopt children, both domestically and internationally, offering security and stability in homes filled with joy, laughter and unconditional love. "Adoption" captures the essence of the adoption and the courageous, kind spirit of those who embark on the journey.

November is National Adoption Month. It is fitting that the same month that celebrates Thanksgiving, also pays tribute to the remarkable journey of adoption. This year, the Gladney Center for Adoption (American's premier adoption agency) will celebrate National Adoption Month through participation in Hallmark Channel's original series, "Adoption."

Hallmark Channel, a television network that provides high quality, family-friendly entertainment programming to a national audience, created the first original adoption series capturing the experiences of birth parents, adopted children and adoptive parents.

For over a century, the Gladney Center for Adoption has remained committed to finding lifelong, loving homes for children in the country and around the world. Gladney has placed over 26,000 children with permanent families and has provided maternity services to more than 36,000 birth mothers since the agency was founded in 1887.

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