Focus on the Family Exposes the "Banned" Books Lie

Focus on the Family
Monday, 23 September 2002

Pro-Family Organization Defends Parent, Teacher and Librarian Rights

The American Library Association is lying to Americans by promoting yet another, "Banned Books Week," Focus on the Family said today. The event will be promoted in bookstores, libraries and schools nationwide Sept. 21-28.

"The ALA has irresponsibly perpetrated the ‘banned' books lie for too long," said Tom Minnery, vice president of public policy for Focus on the Family. "Nothing is ‘banned,' but every year this organization attempts to intimidate and silence any parent, teacher or librarian who expresses concern about the age-appropriateness of sexually explicit or violent material for schoolchildren."

The ALA argues that adult material—even the most hard-core pornography—should never be restricted from children in schools and libraries. The organization also opposes computer-filtering software in libraries that would protect children from hard-core pornographers and pedophiles. Minnery responded, "Apparently, the ALA's agenda does not include protecting children from harm or safeguarding the rights of librarians, teachers and parents who are desperately trying to protect kids."

"What the ALA calls 'censorship,' most Americans would call common sense," he added. "For example, a Florida mother was horrified to find her daughter reading a school library book containing profanity, prostitution, graphic violence and a detailed account of a suicide attempt. She challenged this as inappropriate material for her second-grader. For that she was labeled a ‘censor' and the book went on the ALA's 'banned' list."

He concluded, "We all cherish our First Amendment freedoms—now more than ever. But parents who dare to speak up when their children are assaulted with sexually explicit and violent material are not 'censors'—and most definitely not what the ALA calls ‘threats to intellectual freedom.' We encourage more parents to reject the intimidation tactics of the ALA, to exercise their constitutionally protected rights, and to continue to be involved in their children's education."

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